Who do you trust to make sure you use the RIGHT technology for YOUR needs? All you need is RX IT Solutions We provide IT Planning.
We are a professional organization delivering hands-on commitment to your success. Our knowledge of the technology marketplace and extensive access to technical professionals of all skill sets, allows us to provide a customized approach to our client’s needs.

The big thing for big-name corporations these days is to have a staff member that plans everything that looks, sounds, or smells like IT. They do more than just keep the computers running – they help make sure the company sees a real Return on Investment from the money they invest in IT.

How do you get the same treatment without the cost of hiring a new employee?

All you need is RX IT Solutions. We offer Houston IT Planning – providing you with all the expertise and guidance you need when it comes to IT, letting you spend your budget WISELY.

Our Account Executives have strong technology backgrounds in fields such as IS management, software development and Systems consulting. Because they know the business, they know your needs and are uniquely qualified to match them with the right professional for the job.


Analysis and guidance on the integral relationship between IT and business goals and success.

  • Focus on adoption of cost-effective technology solutions that improve your staff’s ability to do their jobs.
  • Collection and analysis of business data using IT tools, to better understand the state of your business and existing trends in finances, efficiency, human resources, and more.

Total Technology Managed IT Service

Wrapping up all your IT Planning with your IT services and support in a predictable monthly service plan.

  • Customized service and support plans for flat-rate, easily budgeted monthly fees.
  • Help desk services available 24/7 for all your staff.

Trust RX IT Solutions as your Houston IT Planning provider to ensure you use the right IT at the right price, for the right reasons.

Improve Profitability with Technology

Every applicant selected for your project is carefully screened with a unique battery of technical tests, designed to ensure working proficiency in each area of claimed expertise. With this screening, we can guarantee that our people are properly qualified. If you’re not completely satisfied with the talent we supply, there’s no charge.
RX IT Solutions provides you with the highest quality technical professionals. We specialize in e-commerce development, network administrators, network engineers, project managers, systems integrators, application developers, database designers, technical support and other specialties.